Sir Roger Carrick - Chairman

Sir Roger Carrick KCMG LVO

Sir Roger Carrick - Chairman, Lime FinanceWe help provide access to justice

Since 2009 Lime Finance has filled a gap in the litigation finance market; a gap for those people who have assets in dispute or who expect to receive a financial settlement, but cannot easily fund the legal fees of their chosen solicitor.  In these cases, we provide a loan to pay legal fees until the action is settled.  This helps more people to have access to the best legal counsel and support.

My senior management have extensive experience in banking as lending officers and in the legal profession as litigators.  We therefore understand the challenges from all points of view and can assess any litigation finance proposition.

Since 2009, we have financed thousands of clients, working with a wide range legal firms across England and Wales.

Ethos for our Solicitors

We seek to work with the same firms of solicitors over an extended period so as to build partnerships.  Our partner solicitor firms have great discretion to allocate our funding across their clients.

Ethos for our Clients

We aim to be approachable, fast and transparent with online account management via our secure website.  This puts solicitors and clients in full control with 24 hr access to their account.