Information for Clients

We offer loans to cover your legal fees and costs.

This works in situations where you reasonably expect a certain minimum financial settlement but are having difficulty paying your legal fees/disbursements as the action progresses.  The majority of our cases are matrimonial (divorce), probate (inheritance and title), and financial claims (such as personal injury, medical negligence, professional negligence, etc).  Our loan is bridging finance until you receive a financial settlement. 

We only require you to make interest payments during the term of the loan or until your case is settled.  In some cases, interest payments can be deferred and paid after a defined period or at the end of your case.

We can only accept applications via your solicitor.  If your solicitor’s firm is not already a Lime Finance partner please ask them to make an enquiry.  At your request, we can introduce you to legal firms who are already able to offer our finance to you.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Ability to select your solicitor of choice and to meet their payment terms (provided your solicitor joins our scheme)
  • Interest only loan - in some cases interest payments can be deferred
  • Drawdown the loan in stages as you need it
  • Loan repayment when you receive your settlement or after a defined period
  • Online access to your account.  Monthly loan statements sent to you by email

To the best of our knowledge, we offer the lowest cost litigation loans in the UK market.  All our loan costs are shown below, so you can compare.

However, we do require your solicitor firm to guarantee any loan we provide to you.  Solicitor firms who do this demonstrate the strongest possible support of your case and of you as a client.

Loan Costs:

  • 1.25% interest per month (15% per annum) on the drawn balance - £12.50 per month per £1,000 borrowed
  • £75 fee when the loan is set up - fee is added to the loan balance
  • £20 fee whenever a drawdown is made - fee is added to the loan balance

No legal, valuation, advisory or security costs to pay.

Representative Example:

Amount of credit:  £25,000 for 12 months.  Interest £3,750.  Interest rate 15% per annum (variable).  Set up fee £75 and Drawdown fee £20.  Initial payment of £95 followed by 11 monthly payments of £312.50 and a final payment of £25,312.50.  Total payable £28,845.  Representative 16.5% APR (variable)

Security is required in the form of a solicitor's guarantee and your undertaking to your solicitor to pay the loan balance from the proceeds of your case

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